Leave the past where it belongs… behind you

The past…There are so many things in our past… But some of them need not to be in our present nor our future. 

To discover the details of the past is so tempting… Almost unbearable… Knowing that there are so many things that we don’t know, we thirst to know and unveil it. 

But then we stop and think… Does it really matter? Will it make our present and future much better than they are today? Or are the things that we will discover in the past will only destroy our peace of mind? Are we willing to risk so much of our present just to know a bit of the past that we can never change? 

Every Saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Learn from the past and make a better future. Let it go… Leave the past where it belongs… Behind you.


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My One True Love

You smiled at me
And held my hands
When you said your name
I knew then you’ve got my heart

My world became brighter
As you bring laughter each day
My heart grew bigger
As you fill it with love everyday

You are my angel my one true love
You are the light, God sent to my life
You brought color to my world
That very day when you gave your heart to me.


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Those who really love you

I don’t like straightforward people. I don’t like them because their words are always painful. They always hit on target, they never miss. Their comments are often unacceptable. They make me see and hear things I don’t want to hear and see.  Things I keep on denying and truths I never wanted to hear.

Then just today I realized that all these time, I am sorrounded with those kind of people, frank, honest and at times tactless. And I don’t like them.

As I ponder on these things, I can’t help but feel so loved and blessed because I realized that I am sorrounded with people who really loves me and cares so much for me. Still, I don’t like them, I don’t need to.

Right now, as I lay down in bed I thank God for them. I am grateful for these people because they always wants to see not only a better version of me but the best version that I can be. I don’t like them, I don’t have to.

As I close my eyes I smile with gratefulness, because I know that even if I don’t like them, I love them with all my heart.


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God knows

I was at the point in my life that I don’t know what I want, what I feel, what I want to do and where I am going. I was so lost. I asked God to show me the way. I asked Him to lead and i’ll follow His direction.

I learned to entrust to Him all of me because I know that only Him knows what is best for me. I let the flow of life take me to where I am today.

I will never say I made a wrong choice, because I know that everything is a blessing that comes with a lesson learned.
Every decisions I made along the way made me who I am and have brought all that I have today including the man I love.

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Beating Heart

Moonlight shines
Giving light to my eyes
Making me see
That smile in your heart

Your smile melting me
Like a butter in heat
The warmth of your hands
Makes blood rush through my veins

Your love embraces me
Giving comfort to my heart
Your kiss promises a future
Of a happy life ahead

My heart stopped pounding
For a very long time
But your love
Is a gift from God for my beating heart.



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Grace Filled

Thank you dear God…
For waking me up early…
For allowing me to meet new people…
For the chance to see Communities other than the one I am in…
For all the delicious food served with love…
For a comfortable and safe ride….
For Your Word…
For Your presence….
For the chance to reflect and meditate….
For the chance to be renewed and be better…
For my loved ones…
For the laughters and smiles…
For those you’ve sent to inspire me …
For all the beautiful things today dear God…
I am grateful…
Thank You!
Today was a grace filled day, and to You Lord I give all the glory and praises. (^_^)



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Padres Rekoletos de Talisay

Sa akon nga pagsulod sa dako nga Simbahan
Ako natingala sa akon nakit-an
Sino man ina nga Pari nga bag-o sa akon panulukan
Kapution nya makasilaw
Sa iya pagka GWAPO ako nalingaw
Sa sunod ko na pagsimba ako nagaasa
Kabay pa kuntani ang Pari nga gwapo amo ang ma misa
Pero ako liwat natingala
bag-o naman ang Pari kag indi ko siya kilala
MORENO nga taas kag may pagka seryoso siya
Bag-o nga mga nawong sa duwa ko ka pag simba
Pero sa ikatatlo isa ka pamilyar nga itsura
Siya ang Pari nga Strikto sang naga eskwela pa ako
Isa siya ka CHINITO nga may pagkasuplado
Ang tatlo nagbulos bulos sa sunod nga pag simba ko
Pero nag-abot ang isa ka Domingo
May artista nga nasiplatan ang mga mata ko
Sin-o man ini akon ginapanumdom
Daw si DAO MING SI gali ugaling local version
Sa akon dalayon nga pagbisita
Sa Simbahan nga akon nahamut-an na
May isa ka Pari nga bag-o na naman sa akon mga mata
Tagalog ang lengwahe nga gamit niya
SEXY nga bilog ang iya itsura
Pati lawas niya bilog man ang porma
Indi ko na pag ihambal ang ila mga ngalan
Kay ako nakahibalo nga kilala niyo man
Ang akon mga ginatumod nga kaParian
Ako nagapasalamat sa ngalan sang mga kasimanwa ko
Kay kamo nag-abot sa Talisay nga banwa ko
Kabay nga sa inyo paghalin balunon ninyo
Ang pagpalangga sang mga Talisaynon para sa inyo
Kung sa diin man kamo magkadto
Kami maga pangamuyo para sa inyo
Madamo nga salamat sa inyo pagserbisyo
Kabay nga magpadayon kamo
sa pag Waswas Bugsay para kay Kristo
— stuzzyjen031715 —

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There will always be people who:

will judge you
will belittle you
will not understand you
will not like you
will see only your bad side
will put you down
will disappoint you
will hurt you
will leave you
will not go with you
will not follow you
will hate you

but… don’t lose hope…

There are also people who :

will pray for you
will inspire you
will help you
will encourage you
will accept you
will understand you
will follow you
will never leave you
will go with you
will smile for you
will be there for you
will guide you
will teach you
will make you smile
will laugh with you
will think about you
will love you

Learn to see the good in everything.
Smile and be a blessing to others.
Life is beautiful and so are you.


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We judge people.
By what they do
By what they say
By what they wear
By who they go with
By how they act
By how they react
By where they go

We judge them by our standards
We judge them by what we believe that “should be”
We judge them without knowing
We judge them without asking

Now is the time to ask ourselves
When we judge others, do we become better persons?
How would we feel if we will be judged too?



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What went wrong?
I am bugged with this question
I gave my all
Still I failed to do it all.

Where did I go wrong?
That’s my next question
Is giving my all
Still not enough after all?

When will I learn?
That’s my other question
Is giving my all
Wrong after all?

What will I do?
That’s my final question
I need not give my all
But need to love myself above all.

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